experience deeper connection through collaborative improvisation

making it up on the spot…

Sonic Sandbox will be at Philly Maker Faire October 6, 2019

Workshop at 11 am, Performance at 3 PM

Sonic Sandbox is a workshop that inspires play, creativity and connection through sound. It is a space where everyone can play, no matter what musical experience they have. Workshop participants build community, collaborations and creative teams. They play with sound collaboratively, creating a safe, supportive place for each oth11 amer to share their individual personalities and stories. Sonic Sandbox teaches people to listen differently, to find useful ideas in the music, to support those ideas and make them flourish.

The workshops serve the needs of a variety of organizations and individuals:

  • organizations that want to inspire more effective creative and development teams,
  • organizations that assist members in developing more confidence and independence,
  • individuals and groups that want to create new music, drama, or other art forms,
  • individuals seeking fun, relaxation and spiritual growth, or
  • individuals coping with mental health issues, addictions, or who simply want to change dysfunctional thoughts or behavioral habits.

Performance Collective

Sonic Sandbox is also an improvisational performance collective. The core of the collective is a group of musicians who have played together for more than four years. Their improvisations are both a delightful musical experience and a fascinating interaction. Audiences will witness the musicians start with simple musical games and take those inspirations into a multiplicity of musical realms! You’ll wonder how they do it. You’ll want to try it yourself — and you can! No experience required! Bring your instruments or just bring the original musical instrument: your body.

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