Sonic Sandbox Performance Group

Sonic Sandbox is a performance collective that uses a variety of musical games – the same ones used in the workshop – to create a performance in front of a live audience. The core members of Sonic Sandbox have all been working together for more than a year to develop their skills to a level where they feel comfortable sharing with friends (both old and brand new) in a performance setting. The music works both as a focus of attention and for ambiance in support of other types of gatherings such as poetry readings, parties, or food, drink and conversation.

We have performed at parties, coffee houses and retreat conferences. Our first performance was for a support group party. We then were the final act at an open mic night at W/nw/n coffee bar. More recently, we headlined the talent show of a twelve step retreat, where, after a solo performance, we invited all the other musicians who had played earlier in the evening to join us. We then rocked the joint, getting a roomful of tired people on their feet to dance energetically to our improvised music. Half the musicians didn’t even know they were going to join us, but when they did, it felt as if they had been working with us forever. It was a powerful conclusion to a great show.