Make Sound Connections!

Play in the Sonic Sandbox!

Every Monday at 7:30 PM through December 18, 2017

Suzuki Piano Studio @ 47th & Cedar Ave, W. Philly

Simple × Fun = Profound + Complex

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Sonic Sandbox is a music improvisation workshop series that inspires play, creativity and connection through sound! Sonic Sandbox teaches people to listen differently, to invent new music, and to support each other in expressing their true selves. Sonic Sandbox connects people in a way we want but rarely find.

Instruments provided or bring your own. You always have your voice with you! No musical experience necessary.

Healing » Connecting » Supportive

Joyful » Beautiful » Spiritual


Monday Evenings at 7:20 PM (so we can start at 7:30) on an ongoing basis.

Check here for dates when the workshop will not be available.

Location: Suzuki Piano Studio at 47th and Cedar

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Space is limited (maximum 10 spaces), and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

What is a Sonic Sandbox workshop like?

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