Depersonalization of Everything

Deepersonalization of Everything Cover 3 For Web

Depersonalization of Everything

Depersonalization of Everything: “Tidal Wave Goodbye” 
Heavy title, no? They say, in the rooms, that we shouldn’t take these things personally. It’s a problem with our brain chemistry. We are powerless over it.

Hard to do when you’ve hurt others, or been suffering deeply, on your own. It feels personal. It is an attack on your willingness to continue to exist. Yet, learning how to depersonalize all that existentialist drama can help you cope, and for us, the Sonic Sandbox helps give us relief from time to time. Still, it’s on our minds — and especially Kurt’s. This is his album name.

Now imagine trying to come up with cover art for this?!?

…well, we (my son is a Photoshop whiz) took profile pictures of Bob, Kurt and David and merged them into each other. That seems to depersonalize, doesn’t it? But it’s also symbolic of what happens when we play together, so maybe depersonalization isn’t totally a bad thing. Then we put an ironic frame around it and painted the title in graffiti paint.