The Proprioceptive Playground

Proprioception is a term that refers to body awareness of both self and the surrounding environment. The Proprioceptive Playground teaches people to develop their ability to connect with others using movement. Using live music and movement structures (provided by a facilitator), participants learn to create their own, unique movement “language” and then express themselves both to and with others. In the process, they develop a sense of connection that many people describe as spiritual. As with all Sandbox workshops, the process is also affirming and fun.

The Proprioceptive Playground is for everyone. No movement experience (such as a dance background) is necessary. It will probably appeal to people who already enjoy movement, but it can be very freeing for those who think they can’t dance. The Playground is a safe space – like turning out the lights and dancing secretly in the closet – except you feel safe enough to do it with friends.